unlock BSNL LW272 ModemOne of my reader has asked me to unlock his BSNL LW272 USB Modem using Vodafone Unlock method. So today I am posting an article to unlock BSNL LW272 USB modem. BSNL LW272 comes with network lock due to that nobody can use any other SIM card with this modem, to use other SIM card you have to unlock it first by editing its registry key or by installing new Dashboard. This is simplest method to unlock the modem compare to any other modem like it does not required to flash or upgrade firmware to unlock it.

I always try to make every tutorial easy to understand to everyone, so more people can use the method. Unlocking modem is not required technical knowledge or no need to expense money on it. It is just a simple method to do it, only thing is that you must know what you have doing. Before proceed to unlock any of the modem carefully read the instruction first and then apply it step by step.

You can unlock BSNL LW272 modem by applying two method. (Only apply one method to unlock BSNL modem from below.)

  • Simplest method to unlock modem is by just changing registry settings with default dashboard.
  • And the second method is by installing unlocked dashboard.

By unlocking modem you can access any network providers SIM with it. There are now many network operators who are offering competitive price for their data charges, So you can choose anyone as per your needs.

First we learn to unlock modem by changing registry settings !!

To unlock you BSNL LW272 modem you just need to change the registry settings in this method. This method only works in the computer for which you are applying this. If you want to use your modem with different computers you need to apply this method with every computer.

  • Follow the below steps to change registry settings for unlocking your modem.

First Install the default VCell dashboard which comes with the modem on your computer.
Open the Notepad and copy paste the below code in it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

After copying code into notepad save the file with name unlock.reg on your desktop or any of your drive. After saving the file close the notepad and go to the location where you saved the file and double click on it, by doing it it will update the new registry setting on your computer. Finally your modem is unlocked. (Note: Be sure that you save the file by giving it .reg extension. If the file save as unlock.reg.txt then it will open as a notepad. To be sure just write the file name as unlock.reg and change 'All File' in Save as File field. If still confuse see below picture.)

save unlock.reg file

You have successfully now unlocked the BSNL modem LW272, now you can use any other GSM SIM with the modem and can also access the internet. Just change the APN as per SIM provider and enjoy internet.

  • Now we see the second method to unlock modem by installing unlocked dashboard.

In this method we will install the unlocked dashboard for BSNL modem and we will not change anything on modem. As above method only works with the computer where it was unlocked and this process will work with any computer / laptop but you just have to install the unlocked dashboard.

To unlock the BSNL modem follow the below method step by step.

  1. Install the default Vcell dashboard which comes with modem.
  2. Open the CCleaner from your computer, if you don't have then download it from here.
  3. Now uninstall the Vcell connection manager by using CCleaner. (Only uninstall the BSNL dashboard not the modems drivers.)
  4. After removing BSNL dashboard install the unlocked Vcell dashboard.
  5. To download unlocked dashboard click here.
  6. After downloading the dashboard extract the Vcell.3G.Data.Connection.Manager.zip and run the U302.exe file.

Congratulation ! you have unlocked the BSNL LW272 modem without paying any money to anyone.

Unlock BSNL LW272 Modem

To use different SIM with you modem you also require APN settings. To know the APN setting for you area click here.

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  1. Hi Sanket,

    I have BSNL Teracom LW272 3G Modem..which I m using for few months...I tried Idea, Airtel, Aircel, Virgin and Docomo 2G cards on it...but none of these gave me good spped (aways less than 10-12 kb some times by mistake 15kb max.)

    I am through your blog -How To Increase Internet Speed on Data Card - But over there discussion is closed.

    Will you please help me to increase speed with the modem BSNL LW272?

    I will be thankful for your help. And sorry for putting a off topic question in the discussion.

    pramodrao Jadhav

  2. I have MTNL JADOO which is also (Teracom LW272). The user interface is much morr similar to bsnl but there is no seprate usb driver installation is found in add or remove prog.

    So please can u tell me how I unlock mu MTNL 3G DATACARD or will u provide me bsnl LW272 moderm driver aur software..

    I think it will work in mtnl also.

  3. If u provide m any link for bsnl moderm driver n software please drop me a mail on prem18oct@gmail.com

  4. please help me to unlock mtnl 3g data card lw272v1.0 hardware version u302_m343p1_v1.0

  5. when i install my datacard, drivers and dashboard are not seperately installed in the system..i am not able to uninstall only dash board.and also v cell does not recognise my device.

  6. install it as administrator and use custom settings.

  7. tried every method there is..nothing works...for lw272 both dashboard and drivers are installed as one....

  8. I have MTNL JADOO which is also (Teracom LW272). The user interface
    is much morr similar to bsnl but there is no seprate usb driver
    installation is found in add or remove prog.

    So please can u tell me how I unlock mu MTNL 3G DATACARD or will u provide me bsnl LW272 moderm driver aur software.